Docs Keeping Baby's Gender a Secret Until 30 Weeks?

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Docs Keeping Baby's Gender a Secret Until 30 Weeks?
Wed, 01-18-2012 - 11:55am

Doctors should not tell pregnant women the sex of their baby until 30 weeks into a pregnancy, one physician is arguing, taking a stance that is sure to be controversial.

By not revealing a fetus' sex, doctors could prevent

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I think if someone would abort their baby because of the gender, they shouldn't be parents at all. Plus, you can't even have an abortion after 20 weeks so it's highly unlikely. The rest is silly, I don't see how any doc would keep it a secret, if for no other reason than bad business. Unhappy moms don't come back and hospitals and doctor's offices are businesses. No reason to get mom's all angry if they don't have any reason for it.
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I don't think a doctor ever has a right to withhold relevant information from a patient. What the patient does with that information is the patient's decision, not the doctor's.

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I find it disturbing that someone would abort a baby simply because it's the "wrong" sex, especially when at that point they can feel that little life wiggling around inside them. You have to wonder if a person who could do that might not be capable of throwing their newborn in a dumpster or something too, in which case making them wait until 30 weeks wouldn't make the situation any better.