Carpal Tunnel Anyone??

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Carpal Tunnel Anyone??
Mon, 04-02-2012 - 12:27pm

Hi Everyone!

I have been having HORRIBLE carpal tunnel symptoms recently. My Dr. said that this was normal during pregnancy due to the extra fluid retaining that is compressing the nerves. I have been to the chiropractor 4 different times with no relief of symptoms. I have been wearing a hand brace at night and I still wake up constantly due to the tingling/numbness. It used to be more of an irritation but now it is starting to affect my normal daily functions. As an RN I use my hands for everything and this is now a barrier. I am wondering if anyone else has experienced this while pregnant and if you have, any miracle cures? :)

Happy Monday All!

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Mon, 04-02-2012 - 2:09pm
No miracle cures here, just some commiserating. I have it as well, started at the last job I worked at, eased up when I quit, and now that I'm in school and writing and/or typing a lot, it flares up sometimes. Heat or ice helps me some, and wearing a brace at night. I really wish I had one that held my thumb as well, but I don't. Try starting with the brace a little loose at night, I have to do that because my wrist swells a little during the night. Also, I've noticed that pain relievers don't help me a bit :(
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Mon, 04-02-2012 - 4:13pm
I'm with you here. :( I have noticed the tingling and pain in my left hand for a few weeks now, and I mentioned it to my doctor. She said that it's very normal, and there's not much we can do about it. She did say that I could take Tylenol for the pain, and elevate it if it gets real bad. Sigh...
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