Help!! I am so worried and scared :(

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Help!! I am so worried and scared :(
Thu, 12-15-2011 - 9:51pm
Well today i had an early u/s and the tech couldn't see anything so she tried a vaginal u/s and you can see a sac but nothing in it.My lmp was Nov 11th.So i should be about 4weeks and a couple of days.What can be seen this early on a u/s?I'm freaking out because my Dr. mentioned miscarriage and now she wants to run a 48 hr hcg blood test and follow up with a u/s in 2 weeks.I'm stressed out now.What do you ladies think?Any advice would be appreciated or any insight.Thanks!
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Thu, 12-15-2011 - 10:36pm

Well I am no expert, and I've never had an u/s that early, but it's my understanding that you can't see much more than a sac at that stage anyway.

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Fri, 12-16-2011 - 10:14am

Unfourtnatly, if there was something wrong with the implantation, the baby wouldn't be forming right.

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Fri, 12-16-2011 - 11:38am
I agree with Amanda- my Dr. said not to even come in before 6 1/2 weeks because we would just be disappointed and not able to see anything that early. I think it's too early. Obviously we are not doctors here, but I am surprised that yours had you come in and didn't tell you it was likely too early to determine anything?
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Fri, 12-16-2011 - 1:59pm
Deep breaths- it will be ok! That is very early for an u/s, I think it's a good sign that you did see a sac tho, that's all there should be to see at this point. With my m/c's we never even seen the sac on the early u/s's. The Beta's will tell you more. Try and relax as much as possible(yes I know how impossible that really is).
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