Help!!I have no appetite in the mornings

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Help!!I have no appetite in the mornings
Fri, 12-09-2011 - 12:17pm

Hi Ladies!

These past 3 days i have not had an appetite in the morning.I'm not vomiting but my stomach feels a little queasy and food does not sound good.I actually start to get hungry artound 1:00pm or 2:00 pm.Is this normal??

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Fri, 12-09-2011 - 2:51pm

Sounds pretty normal! I remember with my son that I just didn't have much of an appetite for the first few weeks after I found out I was pregnant. The nausea didn't really set in until I was about 6 weeks along. I remember I was happy about the decreased appetite and thought that maybe it meant I wasn't going to gain a bunch of baby weight. The appetite definitely came back with a vengeance once I was farther along, though :)

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Sat, 12-10-2011 - 3:07pm
Yep, sounds normal. With #1 I was so nauseous in the mornings I couldn't even think about food, although I made myself eat a few crackers or part of a banana, and that seemed to really help. Now (with #2), I am just queasy on and off throughout the day, especially if I DON'T eat. The best thing I can do is snack throughout the day. You might try eating something bland and/or with protein (greek yogurt, whole grain buttered toast), and see if it actually makes you feel better. It may, it may not. Worth a shot. :)