Still cramping?

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Still cramping?
Fri, 01-13-2012 - 10:22pm
Hi ladies!!
I've been cramping pretty much from day one, I'm now 7.5 weeks and all of the tummy pains can be different at any time, but I can't put my finger on what's what. Sometimes I have period-like cramping or burning, sometimes there's sharp pains, sometimes gas or bowel-like pains. They are all mostly aggravated by walking or sitting forward, and sometimes to the point that I limp or have to stretch out. They come and go in severity but are pretty much always there. Are these all normal pregnancy pains? Should I be worried?

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Sat, 01-14-2012 - 4:42pm

The only cramping I tend to get is a charlie horse type cramping on the sides of my stomach when I move (sit up, get out of bed) too quickly. Other than that I haven't experienced much cramping. I do get gassy, need to go to the bathroom kind of pains from time to time. Have you asked your doctor about it?

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Sun, 01-15-2012 - 12:50am
I also had continuous cramping until about 10 weeks, and I think it's just my uterus stretching out. I had a lot of cramping with my first as well. The cramps are mild period-like cramps, never getting too severe. I do get the sharp pains the pp described if I get up to fast, but those are either muscle or round-ligament related, and also normal.

I think if the cramps aren't accompanied by any bleeding, you're probably in the clear. But of course--when in doubt, call your dr!