Taking Prenatals While TTC?

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Taking Prenatals While TTC?
Fri, 11-18-2011 - 8:14am

Doctors have been telling women for years to take their prenatal

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Sat, 11-26-2011 - 2:27am
I've been taking them for ~3 months, since we started TTC.

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Sun, 11-27-2011 - 11:23pm

I try to remember to take them while TTC.

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Thu, 12-01-2011 - 11:46pm

I've been taking them since probably June. I forget every now and then... but take one most days.

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Mon, 12-05-2011 - 6:40pm

Yes, I take half a prenatal daily. I tried a whole one and it constipates me pretty bad. Although, I used to get nausea from a half if I took during the day, they don't seem to have the same effect on me anymore. Might go back to a whole pill and see how it goes.... well as soon as I find out whether my BFN on 13dpo was correct or not... prefer not to introduce a false symptom now, I have so many other weird things going on.

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Thu, 12-08-2011 - 11:54pm
Interesting article, thanks for posting. I've been taking them for about 2-3 months.