21 Week (Monthly Appointment) and Talk with Doctor about U/S

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21 Week (Monthly Appointment) and Talk with Doctor about U/S
Thu, 04-05-2012 - 12:18pm

Looks like I'll be getting another opportunity to see Baby #2 and be tempted with crotch shots. I had my monthly appointment today and the doctor tells me they did not get all the pictures of the baby that they need (a heart picture and an abdomen measurement)... so another ultrasound is scheduled for one month for today. He says from every other picture he saw from the ultrasound all looks good.

He did say, "Him". And then promptly asked me if I found out the gender at my u/s. I said, No and asked if the tech even writes that down. He turned and looked at my file and said that it said, "No gender noted."

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I used to say "him" too before I found out he really was a him! I'm sure dr. was just saying something in place of "he or she" or, like brie said, "it!" ;) They did my anatomy ultrasound a little early so I get to go back in for another one at my next appointment too, I am excited!
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I'm sure you can be strong again. :) Very cool that you're getting more pictures of the wee one!

And, that "him" thing is just probably the pronoun the doc uses when gender isn't known. That's more preferable to me than "it," for sure!

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