37w4d Appt...got induction date

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37w4d Appt...got induction date
Tue, 08-14-2012 - 10:08am

Ever since we started insulin baby has been doing great. He's been passing NSTs with flying colors and looking good in his ultrasounds. I am very thankful because no one wants to worry that there's something wrong especially because we already have the worry about DS. The Dr. made that concern more scary when she said baby's with DS sometimes don't have the muscle tone to pass a NST. Anyhow, I'm happy that he's looking and doing healthy things now, but now we're not as worried about inducing him. My OBs (I go to a group practice) would still be ok inducing him now, but the high risk Dr.s did not do an amnio and like I said they are less concerned now. So my scheduled induction is for the 23rd. I've been induced 2 times before, and I was scheduled for an induction at 39 weeks with my 3rd, but she has plans of her own. I'm hoping that's what happens this time too. I hope Eli makes his way before the induction date and then we can just do everything "normal". He does however weight 8 lb 10 oz, so he's not getting any smaller :smileyhappy: