38 wks, doula met OB

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38 wks, doula met OB
Tue, 07-31-2012 - 3:28pm

So at this appointment my doula and my OB were able to meet. Which is about the most exciting thing that has happened, lol. I've had a few real contractions since my false labor last week, but they are sporadic. I'm dealing with some swelling, but it goes down at night or if I can get my feet up for an hour to hour and half.

Doula and I went on a tour of the maternity ward after my appointment. Its the same hospital I delivered at, but it has changed management. Not much has changed in there, even with the change in hands. Learned something though, they do have seperate postpartum rooms that I might get moved too, if they need the L&D room. I didn't get moved last time, either because they didn't need the room, or because I was passing out. I'm betting its cause I was passing out :/ Got to see the birthing center style room, its nice and big and very home-like, has some birth balls already in it and stuff. All in all a good day :smileyhappy: