Low Amniotic Fluid at 38w 5d.

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Low Amniotic Fluid at 38w 5d.
Tue, 07-31-2012 - 8:46am

Hi Ladies,

I could use your perspective on this.

Sunday I noticed that the baby wasn't moving much. I could feel her moving some, so I wasn't paniced, but it was less than usual. So Sunday night DH and I did a kick count and we only counted 5 or 6 within the hour (Doc says we should get to at least 10). DH and I got dressed, got into the car and started the 30 min drive to the hospital. On the way, the baby started moving around a whole bunch more and she even got the hiccups.  I guess the drive woke her up. Anyway, DH and I decide that she's fine and we head back home.

I mention all of this to my Doc yesterday at my regularly scheduled appointment. Doc said that we should have kept going to the hospital and sends me over there directly from her office. So at the hospital I am hooked up to fetal monitors and watched for almost an hour.  Then the resident doc comes in and does an ultrasound.

Long story short is that the baby looked fine.  Her heartbeat was great and she was moving around.  The only problem is that my amniotic fluid levels were low. Resident doc said that my fluid levels were at a 7 and they should be at a 10.  (I don't know what unit of measurement they are using). I'm supossed to go back on Thursday so they can check my fluid levels again.

Resident doc basically told me "relax, if this was serious we wouldn't be sending you home" so I guess there is no reason to worry.  At the same time, I'll be 39 weeks when I go back, so if my fluid levels are still low do you think they might just induce me? As of yesterday, my cervix is still closed so I doubt I'll go into labor before my appointment. Has anyone else experienced this? 


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Tue, 07-31-2012 - 9:00am
I haven't experienced it, but I know if it was a big concern they would have just kept you and induced right then and there being that you're so close to delivery anyway. Keep doing the kick counts.
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Wed, 08-01-2012 - 11:32am

Lurker here - but I thought perhaps this will make you feel better.  I've had the same issue since I was 36 weeks. (I'm 38 weeks now).  I was measuring small, so they did an u/s to check the baby's size, (since my previous 2 have been big babies), and they found that my fluid levels were 6.3 - should have been over 10.  They had me come back 3 days later for another check, fluid levels increased to around 8, but are still low.  Basically, they told me if the fluid levels hit 5 or under is when they will induce.  I'm not sure if that is a local hospital number or not, but 5 was the magic number.  They've had me do kick counts 3 times a day, and just told me to drink lots of water and attempt to take it easy and they are doing ultra sounds weekly and non-stress tests until my c-section date next week.  As long as the baby still has good movement, there isn't too much to worry about.  Fluid levels can fluctuate so much depending on the person doing the scanning, the position of the baby etc.  Good luck with everything!  Hopefully they will just let nature take its course :-)  My first son was 5 days late, and they induced me because my fluid levels were at a 3... I think it's fairly common this late in pregnancy, you just need to pay extra attention to make sure baby seems great, and if things seem off, just go head to the hospital to be safe :-)