I suppose having 1 semi-"normal" pregnancy was out of the question.

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I suppose having 1 semi-"normal" pregnancy was out of the question.
Tue, 04-02-2013 - 1:24am

Last couple of weeks have been crazy and stressful. We had my anatomy scan 2 weeks ago (during 19th week) and our little man looks fantastic, however, silly me asked the doc to check my cervix just to make sure it wasn't doing anything funny. Mind you I really had no other reason aside from curiousity. I delivered my daughter at 29 weeks after spontaneously rupturing with no warning and since it was my first pregnancy there really was no reason to check on my cervix - but with this one I've been wondering if maybe that was part of the issue with my first pregnancy. Well, when the doc moved the probe down to check abdominally it looked like my cervix was funneling! Of course after seeing that she wanted to check transvaginally - which ended up happening 3 times during this appointment because apparently there was a "focal contraction" she thought might be skewing the measurements. I went from a 3.5cm cervix on the 15 week scan I had done down to 2.8, with funneling. Frown  Also had a manual/digital check done at that visit too (really not pleasant after being poked 3 times with the transvag u/s probe) and cervix was a bit soft. I got put on pelvic rest, which, =no hanky panky for DH, and also got put on light duty. I'm no longer allowed to pick up laundry baskets, vacuum or anything else I could potentially strain to pick up - which also means I need to be super careful about making sure I don't get constipated either. So many fun things to think about.

I ended up in OB triage about 3 days after this  appointment because I started feeling a LOT more pressure than what I had been feeling and when they measured my cervix there it was somewhere between 2.4 and 2.6 cm, but thankfully everything still looked pretty okay, came out with the same restrictions. I think my body was just mad and still trying to recover from everything that was done on that Thursday. One of the docs there from my regular OB practice estimated that I may deliver around 33 weeks based on my cervical length at that time, so I guess we'll just have to wait and see if that happens (I'm due 8/11 so I'm trying to aim for an end of July baby at the earliest!).

Fast forward to this past week, cervix actually measured about 3 cm, so Doctors are thinking I probably have a dynamic cervix, which means it will just constantly change and we just have to keep an eye on it that it doesn't ever shorten too much or too rapidly. A cerclage could be placed up until 24 weeks, after I would hit 24 weeks (viability) cerclage isn't usually done anymore.

I go see my regular OB tomorrow, get my 17p shot Thursday, and see the high risk docs again Friday, right now I'm just trying to keep up with my school work, and stay off my feet as much as I can - not an easy feat when my DH's work has him traveling 4 days a week, every week for the next 2 months and I have a 5 year old to take care of (who turns 6 in 2 weeks and still needs a birthday party planned!)!!!!

So there is my crazy life in a nutshell. Crossing my fingers I don't get put on bedrest anytime soon!!!


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Oh my goodness, Kristina.  How very stressful.  Keeping you in my thoughts and hoping you don't have to be put on bedrest.  HUGS!

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