NT (nuchal translucency) scan

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NT (nuchal translucency) scan
Fri, 02-08-2013 - 1:19am

I had this done last Thursday, baby was a wiggly floppy ball of energy that wanted to stay on his/her tummy apparently so we had to try and flip little bean around to be able to get the measurements. Did all the bloodwork at the office and everything..

Few days later we get a call and apparently its showing an increased risk for Downs (not really news anyone wants to hear). I guess for my age (31, 32 when this one is due) normal is 1/500-something and mine came back as 1/285. So of course we go through the initial moment of panic that "oh, crap, something might be wrong/not normal." After letting the news sink in and going back over it we realize that 1/285 means that my risk is .3% for having a child with Downs. Less than 1%! Why do they make this sound like .3% is such a huge risk? I've heard and read from some others that this does have a fairly high rate of false positives so we are taking that into account too.

Dr's are still recommending a genetic consult and level II ultrasound, which I'll gladly take them up on seeing baby again and talking to someone who can go over any other possible risks. I'd rather be prepared for something, even if it ends up being a minor issue in the long run.

I had kinda prepped myself about the possibility of seeing a perinatologist about my history of preterm ruptured membranes, wasn't expected to be scheduled with them regarding anything genetic!


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Fri, 02-08-2013 - 10:37am

sorry to hear you got that phone call but glad your being positive and not letting the numbers freak you out. 

I had my scan yesterday and the neck measurement was 1.7 but I haven't heard from the blood work yet. I have another blood work in a month to collaborate and they told me they don't make a call until all 3 tests are in. 

Do you have more blood work or are you thinking you'll have to do something more invasive to test? 

Good luck hope your bean is perfect.

ps. I am 34


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Fri, 02-08-2013 - 11:30pm

There are a couple of other tests I keep hearing about that I will ask and see if they'll do since they are supposed to be non-invasive. If I'm remembering correctly, my docs want to do the additional scan to check and see if there are any other soft markers that come up, which would increase if there are & decrease risk if no other markers show up. I'd prefer not to do anything invasive (like and amnio) unless it really looks like something is amiss.

Your measurement actually sounds really good - my little bean's was 2.74, so much higher than 1.7. Generally when its over 3 is when they start to be really concerned.