Could you imagine - Quads-2 sets of Identical Twins!

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Could you imagine - Quads-2 sets of Identical Twins!
Mon, 02-18-2013 - 11:22pm

I'm not sure I could handle one set of twins at a time, let alone getting 2 sets of identicals at the same time. Good luck (and lots of moral support) to this Mommy & Daddy for sure! :)

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I saw this story this morning!  How crazy (but how cool!).  I love how they decided on names for them.  :)  Best of luck to the entire family- I bet it will be a bit of a crazy ride!

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Nope!  Cannot even IMAGINE this!  Crazy, but totally neat too.  I read that the odds are 1 in 70 million! WOW! 

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I think it's pretty cool. I think multiples are fascinating, especially identical. I always secretly hoped for a set of twins but instead we had 4 singletons within 4 years. They act like two sets of twins but aren't. Each set of our "twins" as we sometimes call them, are really close and have a special bond quite unlike with the other siblings. Now this one is going to mess the good system all up.. :) j/k