Delivery Room: Who Will Be With You?

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Delivery Room: Who Will Be With You?
Tue, 01-22-2013 - 8:48am

Who will be in the room with you when you give birth? Will it be just you and your DH/SO? Will you have friends and/or family members join you? Also, who do you think should have the final say on who gets to be in the room with you? Since it is your labor and delivery, should that be left up to you?

Who Gets to Be in the Delivery Room? How Many is Too Many? Who Decides?-

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Tue, 01-22-2013 - 10:50pm
I'll be having a planned c-section this time also, and DH will be the only one in the room. In recovery they won't let anyone in, but after that I'll probably have my MIL who will have my girls, and I'm thinking my nephew's wife and my niece will want to be there. With my first, it was 14 hours of labor, adnd DH's parents, brother, wife, 3 yr old son, and a cousin of theirs that I'd only met the day before!!! I was SO mad. The nurses finally kicked most of them out after my blood pressure kept going up. I ended having an emergency c-section, so they all had to go anyway! My second was a planned c-section, so just DH there during delivery, and then after recovery, my MIL brought my oldest DD and my nephew's wife and my niece came. My brother in law and nephew came the next day. Much better!!



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Tue, 01-22-2013 - 3:09pm

This might be the first time it will just be DH and me. I've always had several friends in there. We all had our babies together. One time I even delivered on the same day as a friend of mine. I was induced and the nurses agreed to start the induction after her delivery. I was in her delivery room in a hospital gown as she gave birth. Our daughter was born 5 hours after her son. It was precious. Fun memories.

Here I'm only allowed one extra person after DH as long as it's a low risk delivery. Mom will be with the kids and I don't have anyone else that is close enough to invite to the delivery room. Hopefully we'll get lots of visitors afterwards..


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Tue, 01-22-2013 - 11:25am

During my last two labor/deliveries, my husband and my mom were both in the room.  This time around it will likely just be by husband as my mom will be watching my boys.

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