How Often Does Baby Get a Bath?

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How Often Does Baby Get a Bath?
Fri, 10-18-2013 - 2:23pm

How often do you bathe yourbaby? Turns out that simple question is actually kind of controversial, as blogger Claire Goss discovered. In a recent posttitled "Do You Actually Need to Bathe Baby?" the mom of three confessed that her 3-month-old rarely gets a sudsy dunking in the baby tub, and in a spot on Good Morning America today, she specified that "it can be a good 10 days" between baths.

Not surprisingly, some people are horrified by this (the words ewww, gross and lazy were bandied about by blog commenters) -- but I'm guessing those were from first-time moms, or even readers who don't have kids.

What's the routine at your house?  How often do you give your baby a bath?

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