More Morning Sickness= Baby is a Girl?

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More Morning Sickness= Baby is a Girl?
Tue, 01-15-2013 - 12:43pm

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge -- a.k.a Prince William and Kate Middleton -- are "expecting a baby in July," according to a royal announcement and the news has folks wondering if the wording means the end of the rumor that she's carrying twins. We think it means this: That royal baby will be a girl.

Ever since Kate was hospitalized following severe morning sickness, rumors have been swirling that she is pregnant with twins. That's because severe morning sickness (hyperemesis gravidarumis) is more common in women carrying multiple babies, according to the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. It's thought that spiking hormone levels are to blame.

What do you think of this theory? Does more morning sickness= baby is a girl? 

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Tue, 01-15-2013 - 10:25pm

I don't believe it at all.  I didn't have a bit of morning sickness with either of my girls.  This time I had a little early on, but that's it.  My mom never had morning sickness, and she had one boy and three girls.



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Thu, 01-17-2013 - 9:12am

Not sure I believe it, but sure hoping it is true!  I was never sick with my boys but I've been SO sick this time around. 

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