Who is still hanging around? (and an update)

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Who is still hanging around? (and an update)
Tue, 05-28-2013 - 1:25pm

It's so dissapointing that these boards are so slow/seemingly underused now!

I'm still here and still pregnant! Tomorrow (Wednesday the 29 marks the gestational age I was at when I delivered my daughter (29 weeks 3 days), but thanks to having the cerclage in this time around my little man is still cooking away and growing like he should be. :) And my cervix is now stable, u/s measurement hadn't changed in my last two Peri OB appts, and although I'm still dilated between 2-3 cm with it in-its holding everything in place. The cerclage is scheduled to be removed on July 18th - the day after my birthday, when I'm 36 wks and 4 days along. So I'll deliver sometime between that day and my scheduled c-section on August 5th. (According to my DH's best friend this little guy needs to arrive on the 21st of July so I don't goof up the "every 4 days in July there is a birthday" pattern between my family and his, lol.)

So anyway things are going pretty good here, I'm off a lot of the restrictions I was on earlier - but still taking it easy and making sure I don't overdo anything just to be safe. I don't have to go back to the High risk OB until the cerclage comes out and although I failed my 1 hour glucose - I passed the 3 hour with no problems.

So who's still hanging around, how are things and how far along are we all now?

Kristina (29 weeks this week!)

PS - where would I go to suggest iVillage making a mobile app for the boards?? They already have one for the main site stuff, but the only way I can get to the boards in on my laptop or desktop- which I'm almost never on. Seriously I'll bet a ton of people would come back if the boards would work well on mobile apps/iphone/ipad, etc. I would use them a lot more if they were!

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Wed, 05-29-2013 - 1:24am

I'm still here and there I guess (LOL!)...I'm a tab-packrat so I've left the boards open so I check once a day or so to see if anyone is still breathing here :)

Glad to hear you're holding out still...I'd still feel like I was walking on eggshells with a stitch holding things in place.  But definite progress if you are (almost!) further along than you were with your daughter.

I had to laugh a little with your husbands "every 4 days in July" thing...both my husband and I have sort of a weird mathematical thing going on with our kids.  DS1 was due on the 19th, born on the 9th of the month.  DS2 was due on the 24th, born the 11th.  Now this one is due on the 29th.  So our little pattern standards, we're kind of hoping she comes out on the 13th.

9th - 11th - 13th for birthdates (2 day of the month gaps)

19th - 24th - 29th for due dates (5 day of the month gaps)

10 days early - 13 days early - 16 days early (3 days earlier gestation with each)

Anyway, I hear ya with wishing for the boards to be on a mobile app...or somehow integrated with facebook better (my old expecting group with DS2 is pretty much solely in a Facebook group...it went mostly dead about a month or two before everyone was set to give birth).

Keep baking away!!!


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