Baby's First Movements: What Do They Feel Like?

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Baby's First Movements: What Do They Feel Like?
Tue, 03-05-2013 - 7:45am

Fluttering, bubbles, tickling, gas -- these are all terms moms-to-be have used to describe the feeling of baby’s first noticeable movements. "Quickening" -- the technical term for this sensation -- is tough to describe since, as any mom can tell you, it feels like nothing else you've experienced. But it's often referred to in a?   loving way, like butterfly kisses or fluttering wings. It’s feeling you learn to cherish and is one of the most miraculous and enjoyable parts of pregnancy.​-really-feel-our-community-weighs/6-a-289486?ice=...


Have you felt baby move yet?  If so, how would you describe those first movements

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Those first few movements are so hard to describe!  To me it feels like someone is brushing their hand on your skin, but from the inside.  Such an odd feeling, but once you realize what it is (and it took me a bit to realize it with both of my previous pregnancies!), it really is completely magical.  :)

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Like flutters or twitches at first. And I always shave to count to ten and see that there's no gas to follow before I believe it's baby. A couple of weeks later, it's much more easy to identify, those little taps.