Baby Names: Do You & Your Partner Agree?

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Baby Names: Do You & Your Partner Agree?
Wed, 02-05-2014 - 10:46am

How's the name hunt going?  Have you found names that you love?  If so, do you and your partner see eye-to-eye on name choices?

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Fri, 02-21-2014 - 1:37pm

Ah, the infamous baby name debate. With our son, we kind of goofed on his name. We already knew that we wanted his first name to be Syrius (after the star, not the Harry Potter character) and his last name would be Cooper, my husband's last name. We eventually decided on Dyami, a Native American name. In the maternity ward, just hours before my EMCS, we both decided that we wanted a second middle name and thus Phoenix became part of our son's name. Let me break down the meanings for you:

Syrius- "burning, shining" (probably because it's the brightest star on the sky)

Phoenix- the legendary bird that lived for 2,000 years then dies in a burst of flame (burning bird)

Dyami- "Eagle" (seeing the pattern yet)

Cooper- barrel maker (not part of the pattern)

If you managed to follow, My son's first name and second middle name equal his first middle name! Syrius- burning; Dyami- eagle= Phoenix- burning bird (eagle in this case).

So what does my husband decide? He wants the same for this child which we're hoping is a girl. We actually were ready for bed when the discussion came up and we proceeded to spend the next half an hour or so picking out names that fit. So, here's what we came up with:

Hermione Seraphina Celeste Cooper

Hermione- messenger

Seraphina- fiery; heavenly winged messenger

Celeste- heavenly; moon

Cooper- barrel maker

It originally had Seraphina first but I convinced my husband to read it out loud, then put Hermione first and read it again. We both agreed that it sounded better my way and now we have a name. Yes, it's another Harry Potter character, but the irony was just too good to pass up LOL

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Wed, 05-14-2014 - 12:30pm

he chose the boy name and i chose the girl name. we both agreed on our first picks and picked meaningful names. Athena if its a girl, which ultrasound confirmed. She was Zues' daughter of war and wisdom who was known to help the weaker kind man in combat. Noah if by chance turns out to be boy :) we believe she will be a tall amazon like her father :)