Anyone NOT Sharing Baby Bump Pics?

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Anyone NOT Sharing Baby Bump Pics?
Mon, 09-10-2012 - 1:29pm

I'm a few calendar pages past the start of the third trimester, and I've heard it countless times: "When will you be posting a photo of your bump on Facebook?!"

As much as I hate to disappoint remote family and friends, you won't catch me posting any weekly arms-length, head-cut-off, bump shots.


For the same reason that I wouldn't post a photo of my ear, or my foot, or my eyeball.

Because those are just pieces of me. The bump? It's just a piece of me. A piece of who I am, a piece of who I'm becoming. That's all. Just a piece.|main5|dl30|sec1_lnk2%26pLid%3D202418


I was never much of a baby bump picture sharer, but I do love looking at them! How do you feel about sharing pictures of your baby bump?  Are you fine with it, or do you keep those to yourself?

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Mon, 09-10-2012 - 2:24pm
I think that's totally splitting hairs at that point. My eyeball is a part of me and if I got a cool pic of my eyeball, I'd totally put it as my picture. Right now, ironically enough, my fb pic *is* just my bump, with the sky and the ocean behind. It's very artsy cool. Seems to me, the author has deeper issues rooted in the fact that she dislikes people not noticing *her*, but rather, her belly. It will only get worse when she has a newborn and is completely invisible for a year, unless people have judgment to pass on her :smileywink: It's a huge body change and people only get to enjoy it for a short, few months. Let 'em celebrate the gorgeous goddess figure for the 4 months that you have it. It's one of the few wonders in our lives, so it's natural for people to want to see it and celebrate it.
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Mon, 09-10-2012 - 2:39pm

i don't have anything against sharing bump pictures. i just very rarely have a good one to share. I'm the one who takes the pictures in the house and if i try to take a pic of myself it looks akward so it's not really something i want to share with the whole world. if i get somebody else to take a decent picure of my bump sure i'd post it.

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Mon, 09-10-2012 - 5:58pm

Personally, I love sharing pictures of my baby bump to my family/friends on Facebook, and I know they enjoy seeing them as well. I update the album every week with a new picture. Even though my belly is just one part of me, it is a very significant part of my body and one that I am very proud of and love. I absolutely LOVE looking at baby bump pictures too. . .I always have. From the time I was a very little girl I would always get really excited when I saw a woman's pregnant belly. I think I've always just been in awe of how amazing pregnancy is! But to put it simply, yes I am fine with it and love sharing belly pictures with those in my life. :smileyvery-happy:

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Sun, 09-16-2012 - 10:24am
I haven't put any baby bump or even pics of me pregnant on facebook because there are tons of family that doesn't even know I'm pregnant. I will text a pic of my baby bump in a heart beat. I love my bump and the attention I get from it. Sometimes once its gone I miss not being pregnant and having my lovely bump. I got a new piercing and I shared a pic of my ear with the new piercing on facebook lol