Grandma & Grandpa- What Will They Be Called?

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Grandma & Grandpa- What Will They Be Called?
Fri, 12-14-2012 - 10:16am

President George W. Bush joked that he would like his first grandchild to show a little respect, and address him as “Sir.”

He spoke to his daughter, Jenna Bush Hager, by phone on TODAY shortly after she announced her pregnancy on the show. The former first daughter called her dad "Popsicle," and she and her twin sister famously call their grandparents "Gampy and Ganny."

"Sir" may work for the former leader of the free world, but today's grandparents answer to all sorts of names. And they’re often far from the traditional Grandma and Grandpa.

Some grandparents pick what they want their newest relatives to call them, some families simply continue the names created by older cousins, and other names evolve from family jokes or traditions, or the best (mis) pronunciation that a little one can muster.

Watch out, George Bush: Kids come up with creative names for grandparents-

What will your child call grandma and grandpa?  BTDT mamas, do your children have creative names for their grandparents? 

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