A lurker that left and came back, boy do I have a story...

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A lurker that left and came back, boy do I have a story...
Sun, 09-02-2012 - 1:04am

Hello ladies, I may (or may not) have introduced myself a WHILE back when I first found out, and if I didn't here it goes (dramatic deep breath).  My name is Rhonda and my DH and I have 2 wonderful little girls Ryleigh (November Apple Dumplings - 4) and Khloe' (June Jitterbugs - 2).  So I am ver familiar with iVillage and had a bunch of fun with each of my expecting clubs.  

Between the two girls I had 2 miscarriages that were VERY hard on us, then we had our miracle (Khloe'), after being diagnosed with MTHFR (an abbreviation for something I can't spell without looking up).  Bascially its a bloodclotting disorder that doesn't allow folic acid and Vitamin B's to be absorbed, in turn making it hard to get through the first trimester.  After diagnosis, I was put on a dosage of Folgard (extra folic acid) and baby aspirin (to thin my blood).  It worked, and Khloe' is here! :-)  Anyway, we started talking about 3, and then one oops of a night this pregnancy happened, we didn't find out until a bit later, and then we all went to my home country (The Bahamas) for Summer Vaca to see my family.  

As soon as we got back, I scheduled appointments to catch up with all that I missed.  Blood work was among the first...and I failed my Quad Screening.  AFP levels were high, they tried to reassure me that screenings are inaccurate, blah blah blah.  But like any mom with that news I worried my BUTT off...until Thursday, when they finally scheduled me for my Level 2 ultrasound (which was my first, b/c of vaca).  Immediately, the lady noticed why my baby may be producing too much AFP...because there are two!!!  Yes, I just found out that I am pregnant with seemingly healthy identical twin girls!!!  

Needless to say after all the calls to the families, we are still in shock.  But quickly making arrangements for this now shorter pregnancy.   Anyway, I talked you guys' heads off, I'm sorry, just had a lot to explain.  I hope I get to meet all of you!!!!  I love iVillage :-)

P.S.  Pay NO attention to the siggy, very much out of date.  First thing on the agenda now that I'm baaaacccckkkkkkkk!

Rhonda :-)

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Congratulations!! I bet that wasn't something you saw coming! What a fun surprise!
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Wow! Congratulations!!!! What a surprise :-)