Gestational Diabetes Test

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Gestational Diabetes Test
Fri, 09-14-2012 - 4:19pm

Yesterday morning I had my gestational diabetes test. My morning started off pretty bad with DH getting a ticket for us having expired plates. We found out the morning before when he got pulled over for it and the officer was super nice and just told him to get it taken care of. (We totally didn't realize they were expired)!  Well, we had all the papers and proof in our car to get it fixed right after my appointment, but we got pulled over AGAIN and I guess this officer didn't care. Anyways it got worse after getting to my midwife's office. I fasted so when I got there I was really nauseous and felt a little faint. The nurses made me eat crackers and said it wouldn't mess up my results. So I had my appointment, drank the nasty orange drink, and went back to the waiting room with DH. It was really hot in the room and I started to feel really bad so I went outside and paced up and down the parking lot for most of the hour. I came back in a little early and I felt like I was going to faint. I told one of the nurses and she told me to lay down in one of the rooms. She came back with some wet towels and put them all over my body and brought in a fan. She then drew my blood for the test, and right as she was doing it I told her I was definitely going to pass out right then as I started to lose my vision. The most I remember is her yelling for the head nurse and me losing my vision and not hearing anyone and her putting ammonia under my nose. I started to come out of it but I still couldn't see and it was so terrifying. :smileysad: Everyone was so nice to me though. Anyways, we got some lunch, took care of the car issue, then went home. Then last night I got a message from my midwife saying that my blood sugar was 210!!!! She told me I have gestational diabetes and that I need to meet with the endocrinologist at Vanderbilt. I messaged her back immediately but I'm still waiting to hear back from her again. I was so devastated when I found out my sugar was that high. I eat really healthy and take good care of myself, and no one in my family has diabetes or has ever had gestational diabetes. I was just kind of shocked I guess, and scared. At least I now understand why I get the fainting feeling an hour after I eat breakfast. It's so weird that I only have this problem in the mornings though. . .and it's not every morning. Anyways, that's the update for now. I'll update more when I hear back from my midwife and get an appointment with the endocrinologist. As bummed as  I am, I know God's going to take care of me and Eli, and we'll be fine. I'm trusting in that. :smileyhappy: And on a positive note, Eli's heartbeat sounded great, he's head down apparently, and I'm measuring perfectly still. Praise God for that!