Just got out of the hospital...

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Just got out of the hospital...
Tue, 08-21-2012 - 6:25pm

I'm not really sure where to put this, so I'll try here. Friday night DS jumped on my belly really hard. He landed across my belly. and it hurt but I didn't think much of it. The pain got worse on Saturday, and a work I had another gush of blood, but once again I didn't think anything of it because I've had the gushes before and was told that they could happen again. Saturday evening the pain was so bad that I couldn't stand up. I was at my parents with DH and DS, and my dad told me that I needed to call the hospital. They told me to come in.

I had been having braxton hicks contractions on and off all day, and while they were a little painful I didn't think much of it. When I got to the hospital they started giving me a NST, they said that baby looked good but the doctor was going to come in and check me out. The doctor came in around 9pm and told me that she was going to keep me overnight because she wanted to make sure that I wasn't showing signs of an abruption. She also mentioned that I had a couple of contractions while I had the NST. I also had protein and keytones in my urine.

I woke up at 2:30am in a lot of pain, and I called the nurse. She decided to hook me up to the NST machine again, and it turns out I was having contractions every 5 minutes. They decided that I needed to have an IV, and called the doctor back in. It took them two tries and two different hands to get my IV started, at this point it was 3am and the contractions were so painful that I started throwing up. They were also having a hard time keeping the baby`s heartbeat on the monitor, it went from 150 to 112, to 78 to 0. I really started to freak out when the nurse started to freak out, her hands were literally shaking when she was trying to write something out. She said I need to go get some help. I am still not 100% sure what was going on with this, something about the baby being smaller so they have a harder time keeping the monitor on him.

Long story short, I had contractions from 2:30am until 7am Sunday. They started talking about sending me to a bigger hospital with a nicu. They gave me stuff to stop my contractions, and it seemed to work. An OB came in around 9, and told me that he didn't`t think it was my placenta, but that he thought it was kidney stones and that I`m not going to the bigger hospital.

I had contractions on and off all day on Sunday and Monday. I had an ultrasound on Monday, and baby looks good and my cervix is long. It also showed that I had no kidney stones. I am still having some pain on the one side, and this new doctor really don`t have an explanation for it. He is taking his kidney stone theory and running with it even though everyone else thinks it's wrong. I was in so much pain that I was on morphine and gravol until yesterday afternoon.

I have to go back in immediately if anything changes or if the pain gets really bad again. Because this doctor thinks that it was a kidney stone, I am able to go back to work tomorrow. So I am....

Everything thing is still such a blur, and I'm still a little freaked out. We went from talking about maybe having the baby this week, to it's just kidney stones in a matter of hours. I know if something happens again I don't want the obgyn again. He just had no bedside manner, and kinda rushed over my worries. I'll post the weekly check in tomorrow, and will comment then too. I am really tired and just wanna be with my little guy, I missed him so much while I was in the hospital.

Sorry for the long story, hope everything is going good for you girls.


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Tue, 08-21-2012 - 7:35pm

Oh sweety what a nightmare. I'm so glad that baby is okay and they were able to send you home. I would have been ticked at that doc too. But yes by all means hug that little guy and get some rest. *hugs* and lots of prayers going up for you and LO

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Tue, 08-21-2012 - 8:09pm

Shannon-I don't know how to say how sorry I am that you're going through all of this. And the OB sounds like he needs to be smacked. Is there a specialist that you can make an appointment to see? Someone who specializes in complicated pregnancies? I just wonder if you need something more than an U/s to rule out kidney stone? I know they are small and you may have already passed it before the u/s? I don't know...My husband had them and I think they did a CTScan to find them. It was like he was in labor! The gush of blood doesn't seem to make sense. I don't know. But please try to take it easy and not worry too much. The contractions have stopped and hopefully the pain has too which is a good sign. Your cervix is still thick and has not dilated and baby looks good which means the world! I'll be thinking about you and keeping you and LO in my prayers! AND don't push yourself at work. You really need the rest.

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Tue, 08-21-2012 - 9:27pm

OMG. First of all, praise God you are ok and that LO is ok, and still in your belly! I can't even imagine how scary that experience must have been, and I'm so sorry you had to go through it. Bless your heart. . .you've been through a lot! <3 I wish you didn't have to go back to work already. PLEASE take it easy. . .or at least as much as you can. DH and I will  be praying so hard for you! Keep us updated. <3

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Wed, 08-22-2012 - 12:41am
How awful that you've had to go through all of this!!! I'd be so furious with that Dr. too, it isn't very comforting to have someone who is supposed give answers jumping from one conclusion to the next! Please try to rest and know that your family is in my thoughts and prayers <3
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Wed, 08-22-2012 - 1:11pm

How horrifyingly scary!!! Big (((HUGS))) and I agree with everyone that he's a crappy doctor and you should try to change as soon as you can.


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Wed, 08-22-2012 - 9:57pm
Oh my goodness, Shannon!! I am so sorry you are going through all this. Prayers for you and your little one.
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