When's Your First Appointment?

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When's Your First Appointment?
Mon, 04-08-2013 - 2:57pm

Are you eagerly awaiting your first prenatal appointment? Wondering what to expect when you go in?

What can you expect at your first prenatal visit?- http://www.ivillage.com/pregnancy-what-can-you-expect-your-first-prenatal-visit/6-n-138575?ice=iv:mb...

When is your first appointment? My doctor always made me wait until I was 10-12 weeks along and the wait killed me! How about you? When do you go in for your first appointment?

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Tue, 04-09-2013 - 1:36pm

Oh, man, I cannot wait! I'm a bundle of nerves. Impatient nerves.

I haven't decided 100% on my care provider. I really want to an out-of-hospital birth at a birth center or something. DH and I have an appointment to attend an open house at a birth center on Thursday, but we might be risked-out because of the stillbirth of our first child. I have a back-up appointment scheduled with my regular OB/GYN on the 20th (when I'm at least 6 weeks), but I don't want to wait that long! lol I'm hoping we can get into the birth center, but if not, there are a couple of other options I'm looking at. With my last pregnancy, DH and I lived in Japan, and we really didn't have a lot of say in how things were done throughout the pregnancy and delivery; in Japan, people don't typically question doctors, and it can get pretty strict at times. This time, I want to be a little more empowered. The real problem is being patient - I want to bring home this baby now!


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