Can Baby Be Too Fat?

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Can Baby Be Too Fat?
Tue, 05-28-2013 - 9:08am

New research suggests that newborn feeding practices may have more to do with toddler obesity than experts previously thought.

The team studied 8,000 mothers with nine-month-old babies, asking them whether they predominantly breastfed or formula-fed or did both, and then evaluated the child’s weight at age 2. Babies put to bed with a bottle were 30 percent more likely to be obese at age 2. Those fed solid food before four months were 40 percent more likely to become obese.“We know that we have children with clinical obesity at age two, which makes you more likely to be overweight as a teen and into adulthood,” says Ben Gibbs, a professor of sociology at Brigham Young University. Gibbs co-authored a recent study in the journal Pediatric Obesity that found clinical obesity at 24 months was strongly correlated to formula feeding in infancy.

Can baby ever be too fat? -

All of my baby boys were super chubby.  I remember worrying about it with my oldest, but not so much with my other two.  How about you? Have you ever worried about how big your baby was/is? 

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