Decorating the Nursery?

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Decorating the Nursery?
Thu, 09-06-2012 - 10:16am

This year, the chevron craze has hit the nursery full force. Modern and graphic with classic Art Deco origins, these zig zags become more subtle when used in a smaller scale or (at left) in a more muted palette.

Lively enough for a baby's room, yet sophisticated enough to please adult eyes, we're seeing chevron everywhere from wall and ceiling to rugs and bedding. "In this economy, parents want timeless patterns, not rooms that end up looking too 'babyish,'" says Nancy Breslin, a NYC-based interior designer. Plus, with a rise of twin pregnancies, she sees a lot of boy-girl rooms and chevron is a popular pick for unisex nurseries.

I really like the chevron look in the nursery- too cute! Have you started to decorate baby's nursery yet?  Are you going with a specific theme or keeping things fairly neutral? What's your plan?

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Re: Decorating the Nursery?
Fri, 09-07-2012 - 3:23pm

More evidence that this little one is getting the shaft as we won't be doing a nursery.  The baby will be in me and DH's room for probably the first 3 months, or at least until the little guy or gal is sleeping through the night.  Once he/she is sleeping through the night, the baby will be bunking up with either its sister or brother :-(    We have a 4th bedroom, but we use it for a guest room and office and since I work from home, the office is pretty dang important.  Also, our families live out of town so we need a guest bed for when our parents come to visit.  The long term plan is to finish a room in the basement to become the guest room/office but that is a few years away so it will be a while before all the kids have their own rooms again. 

Both the kids seem excited about having the baby in their room though, especially my daughter.  If this one is a girl, it will be super convenient because it is a pink girly room and my daughter will have just turned 4 so not a massive age difference, but if it is a baby boy i just don't feel right sticking him in a purple room so he will have bunk with big brother which is more of an older boy's room.  We have a large playroom for the kids so my kids don't really even spend that much time in their rooms so I think it will work either way.