Hey :)

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Hey :)
Sun, 06-10-2012 - 12:49pm

Hi everyone, my name is Megan and my DH is Justin. We just found out on Friday that we are expecting baby #2. The hubby just got back from a 7 1/2 month deployment on May 22 and I ovulated around that time and we ended up pregnant. This baby was planned, but we never dreamed we'd get pregnant on the first try (it took us 3 1/2 years the first time so we expected it to be difficult again), so we're a little shocked but very excited!! We have one son already named Connor who will be 2 in July. I'm extremely excited to be here and excited to get to share this pregnancy with a group of ladies :smileyhappy:

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Sun, 06-10-2012 - 9:20pm
Congrats and welcome to the board! :smileyhappy: