Premature Birth Report Card

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Premature Birth Report Card
Wed, 11-14-2012 - 7:38am

Would you want to go to hospital that earned a "C" rating? Would you want to send your kid to a school with the same average grade? So why is the March of Dimes, a nonprofit organization dedicated to pregnancy and baby health, pleased that the United States earned a C on their newly-released 2012 Premature Birth Report Card? 

That's because the U.S. preterm birth rate dropped for the fifth consecutive year in 2011 to 11.7 percent, the lowest we've seen in 10 years. And Maine, New Hampshire, Oregon and Vermont each earned themselves an "A" by getting their preterm birth rate to 9.6%. (Last year, only Vermont got that top grade.) And all of this leaves the March of Dimes president Jennifer L. Howse, Ph.D., feeling pretty hopeful: "These results demonstrate that many premature births can be prevented with the right policies and bold leadership," she says.

Premature Birth Report Card: What Grade Did Your State Get? -

My state earned a 'B'.  How about your state?

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