Hello From Texas!

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Hello From Texas!
Fri, 06-14-2013 - 4:51pm

Howdy everyone!  I am Kay and preg with #2 :) This is my DH first and my second.  We just found out on Monday and will be due Feb 11. 

I had my first apt yesterday and confirmed.  We have a sono on June 25 to see the peanut!!

I cant wait to stick around and make friends...H&H 9 Months!

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Fri, 06-14-2013 - 5:46pm

Hello Kay! Welcome to the board!

Congrats on your pregnancy! How exciting! How old is your first?

I am Cheyenne, expecting #3 February 6th. Looking forward to getting to know you over then next 9 months!

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Mon, 06-17-2013 - 8:16am

Hi Kay,

Congratulations on expecting baby #2 and welcome to the February 2014 Expecting Club!  I hope that you find friendship and support here during your pregnancy journey.  Wishing you a very happy and healthy nine months. 

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Mon, 06-17-2013 - 10:30am
HI Kay! Congrats on your pregnancy and welcome! Looking forward to getting to know you. :)

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Thu, 06-27-2013 - 12:22am
Oops!!! Am I lost?? Is this board for people expecting their 2nd baby???