Moderate Drinking During Pregnancy

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Moderate Drinking During Pregnancy
Wed, 06-19-2013 - 1:12pm

Children of women who drink moderate amounts of alcohol while pregnant don't appear to have any neurodevelopmental problems when it comes to balance, a new British study suggests.

Researchers assessed the long-term health impact of drinking while pregnant by testing roughly 7,000 10-year-olds on their balancing abilities, a method that offers a reliable reflection of fetal neurodevelopment. For the study, "moderate" alcohol consumption was defined as between three to seven glasses of alcohol a week.

Does this change your mind at all about drinking alcohol during your pregnancy?

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Thu, 06-20-2013 - 11:23pm

absolutly NOT! I think it is the dumbest study I've heard in a little while. Just because it doesn't effect the kids balance it's fine to drink? The problem is at the end of the day we have no idea how much alcohol can cause FAS in a child, because it can vary so much from child to child. I think it's a pretty selfish risk to take, and studies like that worry me because as a young mom, I see other young mothers who see things like this and then think it's ok to do. >_<

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Tue, 06-25-2013 - 8:59am
I'm with cheyfri. I'll be staying away from ALL alcohol. The potential risk just isn't work it to me.

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