1st appointment :-)

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1st appointment :-)
Thu, 08-30-2012 - 8:14pm

I had my first appt on Tuesday.  DH was swamped at work and didn't make it.  We were under the impression that there wouldn't be an u/s because the front desk said that I would get referred out for that (made no sense as my doctor is at the hospital, but ok).  I really like my doctor, she is wonderful!  She did do an ultrasound and there is just one small one. :-)  (Twins run in the family so it was a possibility.)  The baby measured right on track and I could see the heart beat on the u/s screen.  She did not do a doppler so I still don't know what it sounds like, but seeing it beat with my own eyes was amazing!  I got to take pictures home to show DH.  I have lost the 2 lbs I'd gained, but the doctor did not seem worried by that at all.  Next appointment isn't until October 2nd, I just need to get bloodwork done and go for the screening u/s (it's the one with a referral, silly front desk!) between now and then. :-)

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Fri, 08-31-2012 - 3:49pm
Rebecca, yay for getting an unexpected U/S. I'm sorry that DH wasn't able to make it. It's good that you got pictures though. I wouldn't worry about the weight, it fluxuates and they'll tell you if they're worried. I'm super paranoid about the weight gain and I'm having to talk myself out of being freaked out by gaining. I'm so glad that everything went well!