Almost 19 weeks and in a lot of pain... please help

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Almost 19 weeks and in a lot of pain... please help
Wed, 03-14-2012 - 8:40am

Hello Ladies,

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Great advice, Katiebeth!

I was also going to suggest that it is ligament pulling. It is quite normal at this point in pregnancy but it can be a cause of anxiety for sure. Have you ever heard of a maternity belt? My friend tried one during her first pregnancy and it really helped support her belly and relieve some of the pulling and back ache.

Also, 16-20 weeks of pregnancy is about average to feel fetal movement but it can be later during your first pregnancy. Here's a little article about it-

Try not to worry but also remember that your doctor's office is there when you need them. If you just can't shake the worry, give their office a call and speak to a nurse. Explain how you are feeling and if they are concerned, they will get you in earlier.

Take care and keep us posted!

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First off, take a deep breath! You need to calm down some or you could actually be making your symptoms worse than what they really are. Around that same time in my pregnancy I experienced pain too, but it was only due to ligaments stretching. But I had shooting pains, and my lower back and pelvic area hurt too. If there is not blood or abnormal discharge then I would not worry too much about miscarriage at this point. And do not worry about not being able to feel the baby move yet either. I did not really know for sure that what I was feeling was the baby moving until the beginning of 20 weeks, and other women have gone even longer, especially with their first baby.

As far as relieving the pain, try soaking in a nice warm bath, my doctor also okay-ed using a heating pad on low. Take some Tylenol too, it is safe and if you are really in pain it sounds like you need it. Seeing how your appointment is less than a week away now, and you are not bleeding I would hold off on doing anything like going to the ER. I have had a miscarriage but it was early on in pregnancy so I can't help you with what it would be like later on. But to ease your mind call you doctor and explain what is going on, they are better qualified to tell you whether you need to come in right away, or just need to relax and wait until next week.

Hang in there and just try to relax. Keep us updated on how you are doing and what you find out. I know how scary it can be, this is my first pregnancy too and I spent much of my first and beginning of my second trimester worrying too.