Am I Pregnant? Pregnancy Strips?

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Am I Pregnant? Pregnancy Strips?
Mon, 02-28-2011 - 1:55pm
Hello Ladies,

I have a questions for those ladies who have used Early Pregnany Strips (bought it from internet)?
My periods are irregular and since we are TTC from last month, it is difficult for me to find out whether I am pregnant or not. My last period was in the mid Jan. 2011 and then I went to see a doctor for regular physical check up on Feb. 16, at that time I did not get my period but for me it was obvious because I never get my periods on time. So, even after one week of visiting doctor, I still did not get my period so I called doc office and asked them to do the pregnancy test from the blood and urine sample they took from me during my visit. Both results came negative.
so, again after couple of days, I still did not get my period, and hubby said just wait for few more days (he thought I am stressed, that's why not getting my periods).
Meanwhile, I ordered Early Pregnancy Strips from the net thinking that I will need it sooner or later.
Well, as of today on Feb. 28th, I still did not get my period so I took the pregnancy test with first urine (I went bathroom in the middle of night) and two lines showed up (which means positive).
I could not believe so after half an hour, I took another test and that one also came up with two lines.
Now, the question is, have you used one of these strips before? If so, could you please share your experience?
Thanks in advance
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Mon, 02-28-2011 - 2:36pm

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I don't usually post on this board, but I happened to see your post and thought I should respond! I have been pregnant 4 times and the internet cheapies worked everytime. However, they always gave me a much fainter line than First Response Early Result. Also, I have gotten some pretty dark evap lines on them before that could be deceiving. My advice is, if the second line is very obvious and came up within the 5 min timeframe, then you are pregnant, congrats!! I would go out and buy a digital or something to confirm though! You could also post pics on here of your internet cheapie test and I could very easily tell you if it is positive or not because I've looked at those tests so much in my TTC days!

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