first post on this board!

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first post on this board!
Fri, 02-12-2010 - 4:39pm

hello everyone!!

i have been a lurker on this board for a while now, and can usually be found on the july 2010 expecting club, but id like to introduce myself here as well!!
my name is kimberley, and i am 22(will be 23 in april) and my husband and i(married 3 years this may) are expecting our first baby!!
we are very excited and will be finding out the gender on tuesday feb 16 and we are beyond excited!

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Fri, 02-19-2010 - 10:04am

Hi Kimberley,

Congratulations on your pregnancy!

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Wed, 02-24-2010 - 3:33pm

Sorry I didn't reply to your post sooner... Congrats on your pregnancy!! Did you find out what you were having?