First Timer

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First Timer
Mon, 05-26-2008 - 3:59pm
Hi everyone! This is my first pregnancy and I am scared to death! And loving it soooo much at the same time! I am expecting on December 2, 2008. Any advise for calming my nerves? I hope I can mention this because it helped so much...One of my friends gave me a gift of a baby doppler from I can listen and record my baby's heartbeat any time I want. They also gave me a coupon to pass along for $150 off. The coupon code is "MyAngel". Thought to share this with everyone...I don't like sounding like I'm selling stuff but this is really helping me mentally between doctors visits. parents have been a real support and my friends are so excited...I'm just really of my close friends miscarried last month...we all cried...but I couldn't help get the thoughts out of my head...I'm glad to find this discussion group...and advise for first timers?
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Mon, 06-02-2008 - 9:48pm

i'm a first timer too.


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