Get that man involved early

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Get that man involved early
Wed, 08-29-2012 - 6:34pm

Don't wait till baby arrives, get your man to learn how to take care of a baby and I mean everything. Your going to need lots of help 'not the baby needs attention'. Make sure he carries the baby while shopping and other activities he is stronger too. As a man we really need a lot of On-the-Job training in this area. We are so task orientated like diaper change complete task end rest while the baby wants attention afterwards. Don't get mad when he goofs up he just need more training, and more understanding that the life he holding is his too. By now you know we're not the most emotional creatures on the planet so help open up that side which he learned to surpress as a boy.

Since your pregnant most men would love to find out your problems so mention I wish you would help me do _____. If your back hurts ask for a message and direct him where and how. Finally don't compare your man to somebody else's you surely will lose instead of win that one.