How can I prepare my cat for the baby?

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How can I prepare my cat for the baby?
Tue, 10-02-2007 - 8:13pm
As any other cat I know, this lady cat OWNS the apartment. Does anyone have any idea on how can I... I don't know... "wrangle" her or teach her to avoid the crib, the stroller and all the pretty, soft and warm new things that will come home a few weeks before the baby arrives?
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Thu, 10-04-2007 - 10:17am

I am in the same boat although I have several cats. I have already set up the crib, with all the linens so the cats have plenty of time to get used to it and learn it's off limits. If your cat gets in it use a squirt gun. They HATE it and it doesn't hurt them. Only one cat really keeps trying to get in it but she'll learn. I have also left out some other things like swing & exersaucer type stuff. They check it out but for the most part leave it alone. Also, I thought that after I deliver and still in the hospital I'm going to have DH bring something home that the baby was wrapped in and let the cats smell it. They will still want to smell the baby when it comes home but at least it will be a familiar scent. That's my logic anyway. Hope it helps at least a little.


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Thu, 10-04-2007 - 10:39am
Thanks! I didn't thought about getting something with his scent brought home before the baby arrives. I think that's a great idea!
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Wed, 10-10-2007 - 3:45pm

We had some stuff set up before baby arrived and a few times I put baby powder on my skin to get the cat used to the scent.

When we came home, she was actually scared of thye baby.



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Mon, 10-15-2007 - 11:14am
We have three cats and just brought home our little one. She was born on Oct. 2nd. The cats have been very interesting to watch. The female cats have been very protective of her. When she cries, they are right there making sure that she is alright. The have pretty much left everything alone that we have in the living room because we put scat mats (mats that shock them if they touch the mats) in the baby items prior to bringing home our baby girl. We just leave the door to her bedroom closed. Right now she sleeps in our bedroom so it's not a big deal. However, when we move her to her room we will probably still have to keep it closed. Our male cat was much different. For about the first five days he acted very sad and wouldn't go near her. Now he goes closer to her and has become a bit protective of her. I am teaching him to stay off of the blanket if she is on it, etc. He has really listened to me. He also loves her rattles, etc. I heard about the baby blanket thing prior to bringing her home but my husband never came home he stayed with me the whole time, so we didn't have that opportunity to do that even though I think it is a good idea.
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Tue, 10-16-2007 - 1:24am

Bringing home a blanket she has been wrapped in is a good idea, I never thought of that. We have one 11 year old male cat that runs the show around here. Ever since we put up the crib, bassinet, and changing table, he can be found sleeping on one of them. He completely ignores his favorite sleeping bag that he's had from kittenhood. LOL. That is HIS furniture, not the baby's. She isn't due for another month, so I'm hoping things will go well when she gets here.

Also, since she will eventually be sleeping in her crib in her own room, we will be taking her door off the hinges and putting up a screen door instead. That way we can still hear her, without Mr. Kitty being able to crawl all over her and her things.

Once she grows older, we'll put her regular door back on and kitty can sleep in there as much as he likes. We're just being cautious at first with her, cuz its our first and only baby! :-)

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