Important Vaccines during pregnancy

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Important Vaccines during pregnancy
Fri, 04-20-2012 - 11:06am

As first time mothers there is a lot we do not know about pregnancy and taking care of newborns. And unless you planned your pregnancy some people may not know about the important vaccines that are vital to keeping both you and baby healthy, during pregnancy and after birth. I wanted to share the link for a true story about how important vaccines can be in saving your baby's life. I got this link from a friend and it really got me thinking how if my husband and I had not been planning our pregnancy and reading up for months before hand we would have never known about this stuff, so what about the peole who have unplanned pregnancies or do not do the research before hand?

Have any of you discussed vaccines with your doctor or received any vaccines while pregnant? I got my TDap vaccine a month before my husband and I started TTC, and I got my flu vaccine last fall as soon as I could. My husband will be going to the doctor to get his TDap vaccine before the baby arrives in July.