Keeping the name a secret?

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Keeping the name a secret?
Fri, 05-27-2011 - 11:07am

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Sat, 05-28-2011 - 4:11pm
DH and I are planning to keep the name a secret once we choose one. We don't want other peoples opinions to change our minds. Also we will be telling people the sex when we find out so we can get girl or boy items for our shower, so the name will be a good surprise when the babys born since people will already know the gender. I think it will be fun to announce the name then.

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Tue, 05-31-2011 - 12:52pm

We finally have the perfect name, and no, we aren't telling anyone. No one knows we have a name, and we are just telling them that we will decide when baby is born.

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Thu, 06-02-2011 - 9:35am

We aren't finding out the sex until the baby is born, so we have to have a girl and a boy name picked out.