Looking for a daycare

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Looking for a daycare
Tue, 11-27-2012 - 10:53am

DH and I are starting to look for a daycare.  I would have liked to have looked much sooner since I've heard there are some waiting lists for infants, but I wasn't sure what hours I would be once I go back to work.  I'm hoping that I'll be working what they call weekend package.  I'd work night shifts on Fri/Sat/Sun and only need someone to watch her on Friday and Monday so I can get some sleep.  DH would drop her off on his way to work and I'd be able to pick her up later in the day.  I was trying to come up with questions to ask potential daycare workers and wondered if anyone else had some suggestions.  I think the big things we're looking at will be whether they have part time or if we'd have to pay full time even though she'd only be there 2 days a week.  Plus I'm really interested in a place where they don't use the TV as a babysitter if it's an in home daycare.  Other questions I've though of are what are the number of children watched per daycare provider, if anyone other than the main provider would be watching them at any given time. 

Has anyone looked for a daycare provider yet or are you coming up with your own questions to ask?  Please give your own suggestions.


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Thu, 11-29-2012 - 10:22am

Hi Dina,

Here's a good list of questions iVillage put together when interviewing day care providers.  I hope it gives you a few ideas!  Best of luck to you and let us know how the search is going.  :)

Finding Childcare: Questions to Ask- http://www.ivillage.com/finding-childcare-questions-ask/6-a-127573

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Thu, 11-29-2012 - 2:40pm
Hi, I used to work in daycare. I'm currently a nanny. I have some questions to ask. Ask about first aid: do they call parents right away? Apply ice. not that a newborn would get hurt, but when they start to crawl. Ask about there sick policy: if another child gets sick do they tell all the parents? My daycare did. And what about if your child gets sick. How long do they have to stay out. How often do they change diapers. And LOOK at the floor. How often do they clean it and how.