Monday's Ultrasound

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Monday's Ultrasound
Fri, 11-30-2012 - 2:24pm

Well I had my follow up ultrasound on Monday.  I'm glad we got to have a second one, but it was harder to go in knowing that they were looking for something specific and not just the fun 20 week U/S when we found out what we were having and saw our L/O for the first time.  The shadow on the baby's heart is still there :(  I'm trying not to worry but it scares me knowing what I know as an ICU nurse.  It sounds like it's not all that uncommon and that it usually isn't a problem when the baby is born, but that they will have to check out the baby and make sure nothing is wrong.  It's something on the tendons associated with the heart valves, which is why I think I'm so scared.  I don't want her to have any valve problems or need heart surgery at a young age!  I've been told that usually it's fine by birth and it's no big deal.  I just want to know that everything is going to be fine.  They did tell me that she's about 3 pounds which from what my books say is a little bigger than their estimates.  It was great to see her again since I will only have the two U/S's total this pregnancy.  The U/S tech wasn't as good as the last one we had and she didn't really get any cute pictures like the last one.  I was pretty uncomfortable laying on my back though and I think she was trying to keep things moving for my sake.  I'm anxious to make sure everything is ok with her heart but trying to not worry too much.  She's really active and I keep telling myself that this is a good sign and that she's obviously growing well.  I'll be better once I have her in my arms and know she's ok.