Oh no, it's Monday again

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Oh no, it's Monday again
Mon, 10-27-2003 - 1:22am

Hello ladies. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. We went out to dinner for our anniversary on Sunday. Ani was as good as could be, besides staring at everyone lol. We also went to Linens and things and Dustin did not complain! He got in there and was like "oh they have kitchen stuff!" and made a big list for Christmas lol. I hope you all had a great weekend. I'm now exhausted as its 2 am. You say what am I doing up at 2 am? I'm asking myself as well.

Today I thought we could all post a new introduction. Post it above in the introduction folder, so everyone can meet you again esp if they haven't already! Also, I have started a webpage thread. Lets see those websites. I hope you all have a great Monday. Ugh...work!

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