Planned or Surprise?

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Planned or Surprise?
Tue, 07-17-2012 - 1:55pm

At a gathering to celebrate the launch of her new party-planning book, celebraTORI, at NYC's Make Meaning, Tori Spelling admitted that her fourth pregnancy with husband Dean McDermott wasn't exactly planned. 

"All my friends keep asking me that: 'Was it planned?' Seriously, Hattie was one-month-old. Do you think it was planned? I was up all night with feedings. I don't know how he got make this."

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How about you? Was this pregnancy something you planned or is your little blessing a big surprise?

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Sat, 08-04-2012 - 10:09pm

My husband finished grad school in May 2011, so we started TTC in August 2010. We did not get pregnant (or have a miscarriage either, thank God) until we really had started to forget about it! I was disappointed and emotional, to be sure.

But my husband had trouble finding work in his field the first year, we moved across country, I moved to a new company and a new career - it was just a big year, with a lot going on. We were moving to be closer to our brand new jobs and I just felt awful, so fatigued and sick to my stomach - hardly able to pack up and help direct the movers. Can you believe I didn't figure it out until 8 weeks?

This baby is much desired, so in that sense planned, but still managed to take us by surprise!