Progesterone Supplement

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Progesterone Supplement
Wed, 04-02-2003 - 10:54pm
Had my first u/s today and b/w for prog. It was amazing to see the little heart beating!! Everything was fine except my prog. came back at 17.6. So now I have to take prog supposities!! YUCK!!!!!!!!! I never used a suppository before and the nurse said it was like using a tampon except I've never used those either! I am so dreading this. I have to do it 2x a day a lay down for 30 minutes afterwards each time. That means I have to get up a 1/2 hour earlier each morning then go back to bed.

Can anyone share their experiences with me?

Thanks in advance

sharlene 6w5d and on prog til 10-12 weeks.

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Mon, 08-18-2003 - 7:52pm

I was just wondering how low you were? My progesterone went from 19.8 one week to 13.2 the next and then down to 9.8....when I started on the oral prometrium. I was so upset when I found out about the 9.8! Doctor prescribed the prometrium and I have been on it for about 5 days now. Just went for another blood test, and I am hoping that my levels went up. I wonder why my progesterone started out so well and then plummetted? Reading email like yours only gives me hope.

Best of luck!


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Tue, 04-15-2003 - 1:54pm
I was prescribed oral progesterone when I got pregnant the second time and it was discovered that my levels were low (miscarriage earlier). You should see if you can get the pills/tablets instead! But you gotta do what you gotta do to keep that baby healthy! I'm now 26.5 weeks and expecting a girl on 7/18!
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Sat, 04-05-2003 - 6:32pm
I had to do that for a whole trimester!!!
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Fri, 04-04-2003 - 3:22pm
Count yourself lucky that it's only 2x's a day...I completed an IVF cycle in early march and am happy to say that we are 7 weeks now. I actually have to insert these 4 times a day, every six hours (twins!). After a while you just get used to it...I think I could do it in my sleep at this point. Bottom line, is that it's good for the baby's development and wards off the risk of miscarraige. Small price to pay for little miricles. You will definitely get through it and you will find yourself wondering what you ever worried about. Good luck and please don't stress about is most important during these next few weeks to stay calm and stress free.

Good luck!


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Fri, 04-04-2003 - 6:43am
Sharlene, congrats on seeing the heartbeat!!! I didn't have to take progesterone, so I can't help you there, but hope that it goes well for you. Kristie
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Thu, 04-03-2003 - 7:47am
Sharlene ...

Congrats on seeing the heartbeat ... quite a site, eh?

As for the progesterone suppositories ... they are nasty little buggers aren't they? I had to use them once day for the first thirteen weeks.

Here are my suggestions ...

When you insert them - get them as close to your cervix as possible.

Wear a panty liner - all the time. They will cause you to leak and the progesterone is in an oil base - so very messy.

Just get used to the slimy feeling - see above point about the oiliness.

If you and dh bd - do it before inserting the progesterone.

All of your pregnancy symptoms will be amplified when using the progesterone. Progesterone made me very irritable and weepy.

Laying down after insertion definitely helps. It gives your body time to absorb some of the meds before they leak out.

That is all I can think of right now. Good Luck sweetie!


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Thu, 04-03-2003 - 7:43am
Hi Sharlene!

Looks like we are truly "PG Buddies". I am 6 weeks 6 days today and we have our first ultra-sound next Tuesday.

I have been on progesterone supplements since prior to our frozen blast transfer. I am doing Crinone gel (sounds like this may be what you are going to be doing) 2 times a day. I get up an hour earlier in the morning to do it and then go back to bed, and then I do the second one right before I go to bed at night. It really isn't bad at all. The applicators are pretty thin and you don't feel it at all. I am also doing PIO shots every night as well. I actually have gotten so used to them that they don't bother me anymore either! Good thing, since I have to continue it all until I am 11 or 12 weeks!

Good luck to you. I am sure you will do just fine!


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Thu, 04-03-2003 - 7:15am
Sharlene, how wonderful to see that little heartbeat!!

I haven't BTDT with the prog. suppositories, but I KNOW you will survive them just fine, sweetie! It's just for a few weeks, anyway. Then you can go right back to sleeping longer (until the 3rd trimester, at least!). ;-)

(((Hugs))) - Hope the next few weeks pass quickly for you....


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Thu, 04-03-2003 - 5:08am
I am 6w pregnant. I had a slightly elevated thyroid (4.5 TSH) before pregnancy. Was brought down to 1.9 by the time I got pregnant. So my doctor ordered beta-hcg and progesterone test immediately. HCG was fine but progesterone came back at 13.8. I have been prescribed oral progesterone therapy. These are dydrogesterone tablets 10mg taken twice a day. Causes quite a bit of acidity. But i have been taking it for 1.5 weeks now 'cause i don't like the idea of vaginal tablets. My doc had offered me that option when i complained of acidity and indigestion.