Royal baby- criticism already!

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Royal baby- criticism already!
Wed, 07-24-2013 - 10:18am

I'm sure everyone knows by now that the royal baby made his first appearance yesterday.  Since that time, I've read about a dozen FB posts and a few blog posts about how unsafely the baby was buckled into his car seat when they left the hospital.  I couldn't help but feel sorry for Will and Kate as well as wonder if this criticism is what every first-time parent faces (of course to a lesser extreme than the royal couple!).  Anyone else scared of all the inevitable flubs and mistakes they'll make with baby???  

Here's a pic if you have yet to see it-

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Wed, 07-24-2013 - 10:55am

I've had the same thought.  They are first time parents- give them a bit of a break!  Yes, they should have done something differently, but I'm sure ALL new parents make mistakes.  Difference is that we won't have the entire world watching when we make them.  I can't imagine the pressure they are constantly under!!!!  I must say, I'm not looking forward to dealing with this myself.  My MIL can be quite... umm... lets just say she's missing that little part of the brain that stops you from saying things you shouldn't.  I can't wait to hear all of her criticism about my parenting skills.  :/