Thursday morning

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Thursday morning
Thu, 08-16-2012 - 8:09am

Good morning fellow 1st timers! How is everyone doing today?

AFM - I'm so tired today and dreading work. On Tuesday afternoon DH and I drove to the airport (about an hour away) to pick up his kids. Had them for the evening, then got up Wednesday morning and drove 4 hours to have lunch with my in-laws who then took the kids for a couple days. We'll drive again on Sunday to get the kids back. So. Much. Driving. I'm pooped. DH is sad and misses the kids. I just feel mostly overwhelmed! DH will have 10 days off from work when the kids are back with us, but I was only able to take two days off. :smileysad: Blah.
Today we have a university-wide staff meeting at work so I have to be at work a little early and be extra dressed up. Totally not in the mood! I hope my boss is nice today, she was really nasty about me taking time off.
Pregnancy-wise still nothing go on at all really. Trying not to worry. Changed my first appointment to September 4th, wish it was sooner!

Hope everyone has a nice day - it's almost the weekend!

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Sun, 08-19-2012 - 9:04pm

Tired is an understatement!  I came home Friday afternoon after my 1st week back at school with kiddos (2nd & 3rd graders) and slept for 14 hours straight!  Well, minus the 2 minutes it took for me to wake up and stumble from the couch to the bed! ;-)

I'm sure your appointment will be here before you know it!  Mine seemed to take forever the first few weeks after finding out, but all of a sudden it's a week from Tuesday.

I'm sorry your boss isn't being super nice about you taking time off to spend with your family!  I hope she treated you well Thursday!

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Fri, 08-17-2012 - 7:37am

Sorry that you're so wore out from driving, I can only imagine. I only had four hours of sleep the day before yesterday and then had to go to a workshop all day, but I made up for it yesterday by sleeping 12 hours. I have another workshop today, but at least I'm well rested.

Boss' need to understand that if you're using built up time off it shouldn't matter- family always comes first! Yesterday was the first day I've seen my co-workers after being off all summer, so they all wanted to see the "baby bump" and ultrasound pictures. And.. of course, most of them were asking how much time I was taking off. To which I replied, "Well I'm taking eight weeks (technically 10 if you include Christmas Break- but that doesn't count) and if depends of if DH is able to work from home because one of us has to be with the baby."

How far along are you? Symptoms usually kick in at six+ weeks, unless you've had them from the beginning, like me.  My next appointment is September 4, too, LOL! That'll be the longest one at least at the beginning of your pregnancy. Is your DH planning on going with you? My husband has attended all my prenatal appointments, but we both agreed  it will be unnecessary with the other kids, excect the big ones (like the ultrasound). Since it's our first though, it's nice to have him there. 


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