We told our parents! :)

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We told our parents! :)
Mon, 08-13-2012 - 8:07am

Good Monday morning ladies! :smileyhappy: We told our parents on Friday and it went very well.

We went over and told my parents in person because they just live down the road. I was super nervous and just blurted it out. They are pretty shocked! I swore them to secrecy and my mom is going to struggle with that. Me: "Mom, please don't tell anyone" Mom: "But can I tell my hairdresser?" Me: "No, Mom, you can't tell anyone" Mom: "Can I tell the neighbors?" Me: "No, mom, don't tell ANYONE!!" lol  Mom is always constantly telling DH to feed me now and handing me food every time she sees me.
We told DH's parents by phone because they are in TN. My stepkids are visiting soon and will spend part of their time with my inlaws in TN. DH told his mom "You're going to be grandparents again!" and his mom said "I know" because she thought he was talking about the kids arriving soon. When she figured out we were talking about being pregnant her reaction was priceless. She was ridiculously excited. This will be my parents 2nd grandchild and my in-laws 7th!

I still feel pretty good, except for a headache I had almost all day yesterday. I got the headache from overdoing it cleaning the apartment I think.  Occassional cramps too, but that's my only symptom.

I work a full day today, and then a half day tomorrow because we're heading to the airport to pick up the kids. They will just be with us overnight and then we'll drive them halfway to the inlaws on Wednesday. We drive to get them back on Sunday the 19th and then have them through the 28th. So life is about to be very busy! My stepkids are 10 and almost 7. It's also currently the busiest time of the year at work, so I have a lot on my plate. DH has days off while the kids are here, but I was very limited in what I could take off so I'll be working almost the whole time they are here. :smileysad: Hopefully no pregnancy symptoms decide to kick in anytime soon!

I hope everyone is doing well! :smileyhappy:

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Mon, 08-13-2012 - 11:40am

Yay for telling the grandparents! Always exciting to share and finally be able to talk about it with them. Speaking of which, did you get to schedule your first appointment yet?

My FIL wanted to look at my stomach yesterday since I've had a bump now for a couple of weeks. He was like, "You're carrying low, so it's probably a boy." Then, he proceed to tell me MIL (in front of her) that she was as big as a house when she was pregnant and that I was carrying small. First off, MIL was 110 pounds when she was pregnant and I've seen her pictures. She just looked like she was carrying a basketball around, lol.

But, I guess we'll know for sure tomorrow during our gender ultrasound! I plan to tell the grandparents by giving them a picture of the sonogram in frame with corresponding color for girl/boy. Of course, the appointment isn't until 1pm, then we'll have to make copies of the picture  (unless we can request extra copies at the doctors office) and buy the frames, so we can be back my 3:30 before my dad goes to work. Today, DH is going to take a picture of my bump to have people guess what it is. Then we'll announce it with a sign that says the baby's name on FB. For my school I'm going to wear a shirt with the corresponding color with the baby's name on it.

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Mon, 08-13-2012 - 11:32pm
Yay for telling your parents!!! Are you waiting to tell your step kids, is that why you're hoping to not have any symptoms yet? It sounds like you'll be very busy in the next few days! GL with all the driving and busy time at work, hope you still can get some relaxation time.
My parents and DH's are both going to be new grandparents and both are way excited and both had a hard time keeping secrets. I think MIL told her whole office before we gave her permission!