Ah the joys of pregnancy...

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Ah the joys of pregnancy...
Sat, 09-01-2012 - 9:05am

I had BW3's last night and had Graeter's ice-cream for dessert. One or the other didn't agree with me because I kept waking up coughing and on the verge of puking! My stomach finally settled after taking tums, drinking loads of water, keeping a trash can next to my bed, and sleeping on my left side.

I'm also going to have to invest in a foot massager, back massager, and wrap around pregnancy pillow. I've been getting by for now with a body pillow, but I'm getting more uncomfortable the bigger I get. I had a lot of pressure the other night, which doesn't help that Ricky likes to lay so low. I can't even cross my legs anymore or bend straight over because of how low he lays. I'm on my feet all day while I teach, so my back kills me at the end of the day and my feet started to swell. I know I have a lot more of that to look forward to, but I want to be prepared. DH said that he's bad at foot rubs :smileysad:

We're debating on the 3d/4d ultrasound, since they are so expensive. I'd like to have one and always thought I would get one. But everything adds up and we have already had four peeks at our little guy.  We're going to have to do our maternity pictures early December and Newborn pictures in January, plus all the baby stuff we'll have to still buy once we see what we need after our shower in November.

Still trying to figure out my Halloween costume this year. The girls' theme is Super Hero's. But I'll be 31 weeks pregnant by then, so trying to find something that works is hard. DH would like me to incorporate the bump somehow, too. For our Murder Mystery Party, I think I'm going to try to find an 80's theme- how fun would that be?!

All of the aches, pains, swelling, constipations, headaches, etc. are all worth it! I can't wait to meet my little man!

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Sat, 09-01-2012 - 9:49am
Whooooa all of this is how I felt when I was prego with my son last year!! With baby girl, I can still drop it likes its hott lol I might be slow going down and stuck getting back up though lol

I hope you feel better soon, but we know it only gets harder. I have been tossing and turning latley, the bump is def getting in the way. I don't think I will do the body pillow this year because even my extra frim pillow feels too firm. I would rather just lay flat on my mattress. Tell DH he needs to get on the roll, tell him to just put his hand on ur feet and move it around! Anything helps. Sometimes I just rub my feet up against DH feet when were laying down.