Anyone Coping With Colic?

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Anyone Coping With Colic?
Fri, 02-08-2013 - 11:02am

Doctors don't clearly understand why some babies cry excessively and others don't, but a new study suggests abnormal gut bacteria could play a role.

The research identified a distinct bacterial "signature" in the guts of infants with colic, a term that describes babies who cry for more than three hours a day without a medical reason.

In the first few weeks of life, the research found, colicky babies had higher numbers of bacteria from a group called Proteobacteria in their guts compared to babies without colic. Proteobacteria include bacteria known to produce gas, which may cause pain in infants and lead to crying, said study researcher Carolina de Weerth, a developmental psychologist at Radboud University Nijmegen in the Netherlands.

Anyone have a baby with colic?  How are you coping?  Anything make it better (or worse)?

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Wed, 02-20-2013 - 7:17pm
thankfully, no colic here. i KNEW i'd need a good baby and i got what i asked for! as far as babies go, he's pretty easy. he's a newborn, though, so he's a lot of work. but a 5 minute cry is excessive for him, so no colic here. honestly, i don't know if i'd be able to handle a colicky baby. thankful for my content little guy!


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Fri, 02-08-2013 - 1:45pm

Luckily, my son does not have colic, but there are certain things that make him fussy.

1) he hates being wet- so baths and wet diapers

2) if he's hungry

3) if he's tired (and over stimulated), but swaddling him and rocking/cuddling him helps

4) if he's gassy, but usually a good burp helps and if it doesn't then leg exercises and rubbing his belly will get it up

Someone sent me an article about PURPLE crying

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